Thursday, July 13, 2006

Saul, Google, and other random thoughts

A few quick thoughts from the past few days:

  • Saul Anuzis continues to irresponsibly pin the woes of our state economy on the SBT and Governor Granholm. While the SBT is poorly structured, it is the Republicans in the legislature that have obstructed Granholm's proposals for reform. On the other hand, they want to do away with it entirely, but won't tell us where the extra money for the General Fund is going to come from until after the election. It is irresponsible to blame the woes of the economy on Granholm or the SBT alone, when really it doesn't matter who the Governor has been the past four years, we would probably be in the same position. We need to focus on restructuring our economy so that we aren't completely dependent on manufacturing, which has been the real issue for us.
  • In this light, the Google announcement is great news, and a validation of the Governor's approach to restructuring our economy. These are the kinds of jobs that we need to keep kids in state after they graduate. Its a shame that the MI GOP has been trying to trivialize this success.
  • Share why you're voting for Granholm/Cherry.
  • I had a chance to sit in on a couple of the committee meetings on the budget -- everyone seemed to be content with it for the most part. I don't anticipate much controversy in session. With stuff in the State House winding down, that should bring more of focus onto the gubernatorial race.


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