Monday, July 17, 2006

With God, All Things Are Political

My bro David recently started a blog, With God, All Things Are Political. Go check it out.

Also, he's got a great opinion piece in the State News on DeVos. We need to get more of these things out there.

We have an election coming up, and one of the candidates has a magical object. This candidate is Dick DeVos.

He has a political Magic 8 Ball — it provides answers to all of Michigan's problems. Floating inside is a triangle. Each side reads, "We need to put people back to work." How do we fix Detroit? (Shake, shake) "We need to put people back to work." How do we help the uninsured? "We need to put people back to work." How do we lower tuition rates? "We need to put people back to work." How can the Lions win the NFC North? "We need to put people back to work."

What DeVos really needs is to put real plans to work, get real numbers and specifics to work.

He hasn't done this. Gov. Jennifer Granholm has. If you attend MSU and plan on having a job when you graduate, put your ballot to work and re-elect Granholm. Her plan isn't a Magic 8 Ball — her plan is working.

David Wishinsky
political science senior

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At 5:32 PM, Blogger Rolfe said...

That is a great op-ed and right on the money. DeVos is full of hot air and hasn't presented one detail on how he would create jobs, help the economy or do anything at all.

Governor Granholm's economic plan is working as we saw last week with the announcement of Google coming to Ann Arbor; Faurecia, an auto supplier, is opening its North American headquarters in Troy and is building three manufacturing facilities in Michigan; and American Litho is doubling its workforce in MI.

I wouldn't trust any of the polls out that say DeVos is leading. The numbers are within the margin of error with DeVos having spent almost $10 million and Granholm not a dime on ads. I agree completely that Governor Granholm is the one with the plan to help Michigan and she deserves another term in office.

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