Thursday, July 27, 2006

all in the questions

wizardkitten points to a poll that puts Granholm 3 points ahead of DeVos.

I don't trust polls unless the methodology is clearly documented and available to the public. I remember reading a poll that asked "Do you think that Michigan's economy has suffered under the stewardship of Jennifer Granholm?" That's a leading question -- people think that the MI economy sucks, and are of course going to say yes. Even though their questions are factually correct, by adding some additional pro-Granholm info and negative DeVos background, it should be expected that the poll would swing the other way. These numbers don't really mean anything.

Regardless of the polls now, its going to be an uphill battle in November -- its important to not get too caught up in this and focus on the long term (and this is coming from someone who might want to become a pollster).

This does help us take a look at what will be effective for us to talk about, and what the DeVos campaign will want to avoid. Its pretty obvious anyway, IMO.


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