Sunday, August 27, 2006

MDP Convention Update

A bit more information regarding the convention showed up online after yesterday's post:
  • emptywheel, who did a superb job at the Blogger's Caucus, added a diary on Daily Kos that discusses the AG nomination extensively. From the post:
  • I'll tell you what. Yesterday, I was determiend to work to get Granholm re-elected. But today, I'm really excited to go tell people about our superb candidate for Attorney General.
  • Nancy Skinner's blog has some coverage of her speech on the second day of the convention. Someone post it on YouTube!

  • More discussion of the AG and SOS nomination at Daily Kos ("MI-Dems: We Just Had an Interesting State Convention")

  • Some more pictures are online as well. Sharonrb was nice enough to leave a comment and let me know that she has pictures of the convention. Many of these include more pics from the blogger's caucus. Also, Christine Barry has a lot more pictures from the convention, including some from the CD04 Caucus meeting.


At 9:25 PM, Anonymous christine said...

Hi Nirmal,

Cheers for the link to the gallery, it was alot of fun pretending to be a real photographer at the convention. (I'm pretty sure I didn't fool anyone, with my panasonic in one hand and my phone camera in the other)

It was also great to meet all of you. Too bad I had so much going on at home ... I really wanted to come back on Sunday.


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