Monday, August 21, 2006

SBT letter to the editor

My good friend David's letter to the editor appeared in today's Lansing State Journal. Its short, hard-hitting, and on message!

I find it amazing that the Republican Legislature has rid ourselves of the Single Business Tax in such an irresponsible manner, and I think voters should take note.

While everyone loves a tax cut, we all use services provided by taxes on a daily basis, whether they be roads, schools or the clean water coming out of our taps. The Legislature has decided to slash nearly a quarter of a budget and expects us to believe these services will all remain unhindered.

Ironically, if we are to make up the shortfall, it is now up to Republicans to raise other taxes to balance the budget.

I feel bad for Gov. Jennifer Granholm who worked so hard to pare the state's budget, only to have another Republican-created fiscal mess on her hands.

David A. Wishinsky

Farmington Hills


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