Tuesday, August 22, 2006


Survey USA released its job approval ratings for all 50 Governors. Jennifer Granholm has a 43% approval rating and a 53% disapproval rating, which is consistent with last month and very similar to the previous two months. It is tough to tell what the impact of the Granholm and DeVos ads have been.

In terms of our Senators, Carl Levin has 55% approval and 38% disapproval, and Stabenow has 51% approval and 42% disapproval (neither of which are surprising). More details about age group, race, ideology, education, etc. are available here.

In other news, the Michigan chapter of the Sierra Club released its "Environmental Scorecard" for Michigan Legislators. Any kind of "rating" system based on voting records needs to be taken with a grain of salt because an individual's advocacy for an issue can't just be measured by a series of yes or no votes. My State Representative Roger Kahn and State Senator Mike Goschka didn't do too well, which is not surprising.


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Hey.. more numbers from Wed...better ones.

GRAND RAPIDS -- A statewide poll conducted on Monday and Tuesday of 600 Michigan voters shows Governor Jennifer Granholm and Senator Debbie Stabenow opening larger leads over their Republican challengers.

The EPIC-MRA poll, conducted for 24 Hour News 8 and our media partners, revealed a seven-point lead for Granholm over her Republican challenger Dick Devos. Granholm is supported by 49%, DeVos 42% and Libertarian Greg Creswell 3%.

Stabenow has a 13-point advantage, 51--38, over Mike Bouchard for the six-year Senate term. Libertarian Leonard Schwartz at 2%.

Of those questioned, 92% said they are very likely to vote.

Other results showed 66% think the country is on the wrong track, and 67% feel Michigan is off-track, as well.

Only 37% of those polled had a positive view of the job President George W. Bush is doing. Granholm's positive-to-negative job view was 50-49. DeVos is viewed favorably by 43%, while 33% view him unfavorably.

These respondents described themselves at 53% pro-choice; 67% do not have any union members in their household; and 80% were older than 41.

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Hey I should have cited that as WoodTV 8.

If you want the poll details go to:


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