Thursday, August 03, 2006

Wikipedia/traffic update, Granholm poll

READ THIS FIRST: Newer Granholm polling data and analysis is available here. Please disregard this old post.

Anyone been following the Colbert/Wikipedia war? Its pretty hilarious.

Amusingly, it appears that my post on Dick DeVos' campaign editing DeVos' Wikipedia page has ended up as a link on Dick DeVos' Wikipedia page itself.

That, combined with cross-posts on Michlib, Google searches for Dick DeVos-related topics, Google searches for Amway and other MLM-related stuff, Google searches for both of these topics together, this post (where there are apparently a lot of lurkers), and Blogger searches for all of the above have lead to a drastic increase in traffic.

It isn't Michlib's 1000, but I'm happy with my 22 visitors/day (according to Sitemeter).

Plus, mad props to Psychology of Compliance & Due Diligence Law for helping to expose the truth about Amway (and linking to me).

In unrelated news, Rasmussen shows Dick DeVos having a 6 percent lead over Governor Jennifer Granholm.

Additionally, efforts by the DeVos campaign to build awareness of the candidate have apparently been paying off: DeVos is pulling support from 86% of GOP voters and 16% of Democrats. Granholm can claim 78% support from Democrats and only 8% crossover appeal among Republican voters.

I trust their methodology more than other polls because they match responses with demographic data for a better measure of how the vote on election day would actually end up.

When looking at these numbers, we need to keep in mind that DeVos has already defined himself and to an extent, already defined Granholm to voters. On the other hand, the Granholm camp really has yet to define themselves and DeVos to the general public. It will be tough to tell how this race is going to turn out until we have a chance to see how both of their messages will resonate with the public.


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