Tuesday, September 19, 2006

Argggh! Say no to scurvy dawg Joe Knollenberg!

Ahoy there! Capn' Jordan here...Arrre ye having a fun Talk Like A Pirate Day?

Did you know ourrr Representative in Congress has voted to support the war in Iraq? Then he voted AGAINST a $1,500 grant for every veterean of Iraq and Afghanistan, and voted AGAINST expanding access to health insurance for our soldiers. I be a peaceful pirate, and I'm sick of Joe Knollenberg runnin' a jig with our soldiers! I be weary of any scallywag who sends our soldiers to fight, then votes against supporting them.

But he had no problem sending dubloons to Halliburton! (Rep. Knollenberg voted to continue awarding contracts to Halliburton even if the Pentagon's own audit processes found that more than $100 million of their contractor's costs in Iraq were unreasonable.)

Joe Knollenberg also opposes stem cell research. This research could help cure diseases, and is strongly supported by voters in the 9th.

Joe Knollenberg has voted with the Bush Administration 98% of the time. Voters in the 9th overwhelmingly oppose President Bush!

Ye arrrre not being represented by Joe Knollenberg!
But come Novemberrr 7th, ye have a choice!

Vote Change! Vote Skinnerrrr!


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