Monday, September 18, 2006

MI-09: Paul Hackett wants to give Nancy Skinner A Fighting Chance

I got this email today from Paul Hackett.

We have been taken down the wrong path in Washington and it doesn't have to be that way.  President Bush and Joe Knollenberg have jeopardized not only the lives of the brave men and women with whom I served, but also our nation's global credibility.  You can change all of that, though, and give us a fighting chance once again by helping my friend, Nancy Skinner.

Skinner for Congress

Long before most of the chattering class in Washington opposed the Iraq War, Nancy was on the radio, moving a progressive agenda forward and asking the tough questions about WMDs and the many other dubious reasons for the war the Bush Administration gave you, me and the rest of the American people.  I was on Nancy's show, and I can tell you she knows her issues - - she has a plan, and she will provide the new energy and leadership we need to change the mess that has been created by the Bush/Knollenberg scheme.

I'd like to share with you an excerpt from a piece I wrote some time ago called Haditha: A Day in the Life of `K' Company 3/1.

Despite popular political rhetoric, the enemy in Iraq is smart, efficient and will exploit every opportunity and vulnerability available to them to kill Marines. Marines are acutely aware of this and plan to minimize the opportunities they afford the enemy and train to act and react appropriately when attacked. The goal is to train to the point where each Marine is able to carry out their responsibility through "muscle memory."

I think a lot can be said to compare that statement to what Democrats are going to be up against this November.  Even though the "political rhetoric" is at the Democrats' backs right now, our opposition will try to exploit every opportunity they have in order to maintain their grasp of power.  I think we understand this, and the more you can help Nancy, the better she will be able to "act and react when attacked."

Donate Here!

Your contribution to Nancy will not only give her the fighting chance in her own election, but it will give all of us a fighting chance in regaining control of our democracy.  Let's train up now and give Nancy everything she will need to win this election.

Thank you for all you do.

Paul Hackett


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