Wednesday, September 13, 2006

Granholm on Daily Kos

Just a reminder, Governor Granholm will be on Daily Kos this morning from 11:15 am - 12:15 pm. That's in fifteen minutes!

Since you need to have an account and been registered for more than a day to post comments, let me know if you want me to ask her any questions for you.

UPDATE: She's on! Check out the diary!

UPDATE (11:40am): She shouted me (and many of the others) out again!
Thanks to my blogger friends

including Matt from Michigan Liberal as well as wizardkitten, WhoGottheGravy, Zack Pohl, djtyg, Hector Solon, Interrobanger, emptywheel, Dump Terry McAuliffe, gaspare, David Boyle and I’m sure others as well for helping us out in the blogosphere and encouraging me to try typing a few comments myself.
UPDATE (12:30pm): Okay how cool is this. The G responded to one of my questions:
Thanks for posting Nirmal

-- I miss seeing you in your favorite chair ; )

I'm very much opposed to the MCRI. Affirmative Action is a necessity in a global economy when we are attempting to provide opportunity for all of our citizens. All Michigan bloggers please vote no on proposal 2!
This probably requires a bit of explanation. Independently of my blogging, I was also an intern with the Granholm campaign this summer. I used to be in the office ALL THE TIME, and I would always sit in the same chair. Despite the fact that she was busy running the state and powering a critical election, she always took the time to check in with me to see how things were going. That's the kind of person she is... very kindhearted. She was also one of the first in the office to figure out that whogotthegravy on Michlib was actually me, too.

The Daily Kos thing was cool, too. Despite technical problems at the beginning and the fact that it cut out after around half an hour, plus the fact that it wasn't really publicized on DKos, there were over 150 comments and it quickly made it to the top diaries. It was pretty incredible to see, and it was also cool to have a politician actually respond to comments instead of just posting a diary and leaving (not that there's anything wrong with that).


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