Tuesday, September 05, 2006

MI-Gov and MI-Sen Get Exposure on National Blogs

Just a heads up and brief commentary:
  • In an overview of 2006 Senate races, Bob Geiger rates Senator Stabenow as highly likely to win her race. I think its going to be a much closer call than what a lot of people are predicting, but I essentially agree with his assessment of the race (cash on hand, political environment in Michigan, etc).
  • Speaking of the Stabenow Campaign, MyDD got around to doing an "Ad Watch" for one of her recent ads. Although I am not a huge fan of the ad either, I don't completely agree with their assessment. Michigan voters are notorious ticket-splitters and I think that some of this rhetoric will resonate. I don't have any data to back it up, but that's my gut feeling.
  • Finally, Kos talks a bit more about a Granholm "resurgence" based on a poll that came out last night. Given that the MoE is bigger than the difference between the two, there isn't a significant difference in how Granholm and DeVos are polling. Like all polls, this doesn't account for GOTV either. No matter how the polls come out, its going to be a tough race (so get out there and work!).
EDIT: Completely unrelated, but I gotta plug this recent interview that Zack Pohl conducted. Go read it!!!!


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