Sunday, September 10, 2006

Meta Gravy

So you all know I try to avoid "blogging about blogging" or otherwise talk about myself and this blog, because I want to stay on topic as much as possible. However, there have recently been a couple things that I've wanted to mention. I'll try not to do too many of these in the future, though.

Firstly, you may have noticed the BlogAds advertising box on the right at the top of this page, courtesy of the folks at Michigan Liberal. You can order an ad on the pages of many of the Michigan politics blogs. Any revenue that I make from this blog will be used for two purposes: to help build the Michigan blogosphere, and to help progressive candidates win elections.

The ad box is prominently featured at the top of the page (as you can see). Getting a Hi-Rise (big) ad for three months costs $10. Currently, the estimated ad impressions for this page totals at 13,365 for three months. This means that for every single dollar you spend, you will receive over 1,300 views for your ad. Its a steal.

Also, you may have noticed "Nirmal's News Ticker" on the right here as well. This is a new addition to the blog, and was inspired by the Michigan Liberal Newscenter. I wanted a place for stuff that I want to draw attention to, but for whatever reason doesn't merit a full post. However, while the Michlib Newscenter is a collection of all of the relevant news across the state to its subject matter, this will be a little different:

If I see "breaking news," I'll throw it up there. Same for articles I find to be interesting or worthwhile reads. If there are causes I want to plug that don't fit into this blog's theme, I'll put it there. I'll even add stuff from Republicans or things that have a "right-wing" slant, if I think that its worth paying attention to or learning from (in other words, I don't necessarily endorse the viewpoints of the websites or articles that I link to in there). As a "catch all" collection of links, it will likely be updated sporadically.

Finally, "Amway Exposed, Part Five" was featured on the front page of Daily Kos in one of the open threads for diaries. Thanks to them, I broke my record for number of unique visitors in a day and also made it past 2,000 visitors. Sweet!


At 7:30 PM, Anonymous Zack Pohl said...

WOW! I hadn't heard about the Kos front-page action. Great work, Nirmal!


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