Wednesday, September 20, 2006

Howard Dean / Granholm webchat

Governor Dean was answering questions live on Granholm's blog yesterday. He types fast! It looks like "our" Zack and Jordan both got their questions answered!

Obviously everyone wants the Governor to win, but I was also interested in how the DNC viewed the rest of Michigan. There are some congressional races that, with the right push, I think we would have a shot in (Skinner and Marcinkowski come to mind). If I had more time, I would have asked how the DNC's strategy plays into the state house races, etc. Here's what I asked (uninteresting softballs, I know... I had just woken up):

Gov. Dean, what is the DNC’s plan for Michigan’s more contested congressional races?

Gov. Dean, do you have any suggestions for how field volunteers can be more effective at identifying and persuading voters? What can we do in Michigan to ensure that we are identifying and turning the right people out to vote?

Gov. Dean, will we see the Republican machine be as effective at turning out voters on November 7 across the nation as it was in the Rhode Island primary?

Gov. Dean, can you tell us about the DNC’s voter-targeting system “Demzilla”?

Gov. Dean, what can we do to help invest in our party’s long-term infrastructure?

Much like the first Granholm webchat, my question about volunteering was the last question they used. Here's what Gov. Dean (assuming it was him) had to say:

Nirmal, I have to sign off now, but I do have one thing I want to ask before I go: We need your help. Dick DeVos has spent $20 million to try to hide his ties to George Bush and his extreme views - but you can fight back by volunteering or contributing to Governor Granholm.

She’ll only win this November with a wide and deep grassroots effort, but that obviously takes you. Signup to be a Team Raiser to raise money from your friends over the Internet, go door-to-door, send letters to the editor, and call talk shows — including conservative talk shows — and talk to everyone you know (and I mean everyone, especially those who didn’t vote the way we did last time). The number to call is 517.485.5100 or, as you know, visit

There are 49 days left and you can also visit for a new action you can take everyday to elect Democrats like Jennifer Granholm all over the country.

So, again, I have to go, but I thank you all. I really appreciate you joining us here tonight. Take care.

EDIT: I heard from a very trusted source that it really was Howard Dean answering the questions.


At 7:35 AM, Blogger Cathleen said...

I want you asking questions at the debates. How do we make that happen? :-)

At 12:20 PM, Anonymous Anonymous said...

Gov. Dean how can the citizens of Michigan who drive around with the Confederate Flag in the backs of their trucks (better known as avowed racists) be brought to our side to vote for Democrats? Should we go to Clinton County? to Dickinson County? to Benzie County? to Berrien County? to Hillsdale County? to Oakland County? to ISBAELLA COUNTY? to IONIA COUNTY? TO LIVINGSTON COUNTY? TO GOGEBIC COUNTY? BEFORE GOING TO LANSING TO MAINTAIN CONTROL OF THE GOVERNORSHIP??? REAHHHHOOWOOWOW!!!
P.S. you know who this is...


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