Wednesday, August 30, 2006

MI-Gov: More Debate News

DeVos discussed the debates a bit in a bus interview:
On the announcement the Granholm campaign accepted television-station invitations to debate, without completing negotiations with the DeVos camp: DeVos called the governor's actions "disrespectful" and "childish," but said debates likely would happen.
That's not how the Granholm campaign sees it. According to Team Granholm, DeVos was the one to unilaterally accept debate offers without consulting the Granholm campaign.
"Mr. DeVos, while accepting television debates in the Grand Rapids and Lansing area, seems to have completely forgotten about Detroit and southeast Michigan, so we are remedying his mistake by agreeing to a television debate at WXYZ-TV," explained Edelson.

The Granholm Campaign had proposed that neither side accept or reject any debate invitations until campaign representatives from both sides could meet after the party conventions. However, the DeVos Campaign ignored that request and unilaterally began accepting various debate invitations. Therefore, the Granholm Campaign decided it would also announce which debates it was accepting, two of which the DeVos Campaign had previously accepted, at WOOD-TV and on Michigan Public Television.


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