Wednesday, September 20, 2006

MI-09: Awesome MetroTimes Op-Ed

Jack Lessenberry has a great op-ed covering our race in today's MetroTimes.

My favorite part:

"Republicans are trying to dismiss her as a carpetbagger and media celebrity from Illinois. Now 41, she did move to Chicago for a time after earning a business degree from the University of Michigan...

Her opponent is a man who, ironically, is originally from Illinois.

Knollenberg, a former insurance salesman, was born in 1933, during the depths of the Great Depression, and has voted on the side of the people ruining us ever since he arrived in Congress in 1993. Originally he said he would leave after no more than a dozen years, but later broke his promise."

Read the article, pass it on to your friends, talk it up.

Lessenberry notes the need for Skinner to raise money and get her message on the airwaves. Can you contribute at ActBlue so we can buy air time? If you act fast you get the privelidge of being our 800th online donor!


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