Thursday, September 14, 2006

They fired Alterman, MyDD covers Michigan Races

They fired Eric Alterman.

Also, MyDD updated their Governor Forecast 2006. Here's what they had to say about our favorite governor:
1. Michigan (Democrat: Jennifer Granholm). Earlier this month, earlier this summer, Democratic Governor Jennifer Granholm appeared headed for defeat, at least in part due to the weak state of Michigan's economy. But Granholm got a second wind and began campaigning hard against Amway heir Dick DeVos -- and spending big bucks. Now the race seems to be tilted in her favor ever so slightly, though it still could go either way.
Latest polling: Rasmussen Reports, DeVos 48 - Granholm 46, September 7; Seltzer & Co., Granholm 46 - DeVos 44, September 2; Strategic Vision (R), Granholm 48 - DeVos 43, August 28; EPIC-MRA, Granholm 49 - DeVos 42, August 23; SurveyUSA, Granholm 47 - DeVos 47, August 22.
MyDD also updated their Senate Forecast. Here's what they had to say about Stabenow:
4. Michigan (Democrat: Debbie Stabenow). I had taken this race off the board, but a post-primary bump for Republican Bouchard has made me put it back on. Stabenow is still up more than 8-1 in cash, and she also maintains decent leads in polls in a fairly blue state in a bad year for Republicans. While the post-primary bump has made me put this back up on the board, I don't expect it will stay here for long. That is has moved ahead of Washington should not be read to indicate a deteriorating situation here. All that means is that McGavick is crashing in Washington.
Money race as of 7/19: Stabenow $4.4M, Bouchard $0.5M
Latest polls: Rasmussen (R), August 31, Stabenow 51%, Bouchard 43%; Strategic Vision (R), August 27 Stabenow 49%, Boucahrd 42%, EPIC / MRA, August 22 Stabenow 51%, Bouchard 38%; Survey USA, August 7, Stabenow 48%, Bouchard 41%
And their House Forecast. They list MI-09 (Nancy Skinner) as a Tier 3 Race, which means that it leans Republican (according to them).


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