Wednesday, September 20, 2006

Reason #48: He Won't Say How He'll Replace the SBT Revenue

Reason #48 not to vote for Dick DeVos:

He supported the early repeal of the Single Business Tax (recently accomplished by the GOP State House). Granholm agreed that the tax had become somewhat unfair (and it was scheduled to end in 2009 anyway) but she believes it's irresponsible to get rid of it without replacing the revenue. DeVos won't even HINT at possible solutions he'd take to the rather large revenue loss, because of the election of course. Most think the solution will (or should) come in the form of another kind of business tax, but DeVos won't even say anything like that, leading many to believe he'd prefer to shift it to regular citizens AND/OR cut even more from the budget so that the revenue doesn't have to be replaced (starving the beast).


See more of my commentary and David's commentary on this issue here.

Lot going on today. Sorry there isn't more detail.


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