Saturday, September 23, 2006

MI-09: Nancy Skinner invites you to a Liveblog Strategy Session Tuesday

Our opponent, Republican Joe Knollenberg, has smeared us with an attack page on his website he calls “The Skinner Files”. Are you surprised at all that this page is filled with lies and exaggerations?

On Tuesday Nancy will be doing a liveblog to counter these attacks. Stop by to ask questions. Feel free to play devils advocate and see how Nancy responds to Knollenberg’s outrageous claims. Nancy is an effective communicator, who has debated Sean Hannity and Ann Coulter on their own turf. No wonder Joe Knollenberg won’t debate her!

We want to hear from you! Nancy asked me to invite the community to an online strategy session. She loves the creativity and the open source spirit of the blogs. We’ve got some ideas, but Nancy wants to hear what you think we should do.

Joe Knollenberg is using the same old Republican scare tactics. He can afford to lie about us, and flood the airwaves with attack ads. We don’t have his massive war chest, so we have to be creative and earn our media.

Look for Nancy’s liveblog Tuesday at 4pm on Daily Kos at Nancy's userpage.


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